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In Demand: The Surge of Interest in Organic CBD Oils - Let's Break It Down

In Demand: The Surge of Interest in Organic CBD Oils - Let's Break It Down


The CBD market has witnessed exponential growth in the past couple of years. This growth is expected to reach USD 123.2 billion by 2027 in the USA. Consumers are becoming more discerning and are looking for certified organic CBD.  Before we introduce you to our range of organic CBD oils, let's understand what exactly organic CBD oil is.

What is organic CBD oil?

Organic CBD oil is directly sourced from hemp plants that are cultivated organically with zero use of any chemical. There are no chemical fertilizers, synthetic pesticides, or industrial solvents involved in the farming or extraction process.

The USDA Certified Organic Hemp designation raises the standard of organically grown hemp, ensuring it adheres to the 2014 Farm U.S. Domestic Hemp Production Program, the 2014 Farm Bill, and the USDA organic regulations.

There are two ways CBD is labeled as organic. One is CBD oil certified with USDA, which indicates it is sourced from hemp that meets USDA organic farming practices. The second is when the CBD oil contains 95% of its ingredients organic as per the USDA guidelines.

The USDA National Organic Program is a government agency that defines organic processing practices and companies must go through a rigorous testing and certifying process. If the label says that isis organic CBD Oil, it must contain natural ingredients.

How Do You Know Whether CBD Oil is Organic?

While selecting organic CBD oil online or offline, you should always check the USDA-certified organic labels. This indicates that the hemp used in manufacturing of CBD oils is grown and processed under strict laws set by federal government.

Ingredient lists

Carefully check the ingredient list labeled on the CBD oil. Not only should there be an absence of non-organic ingredients and synthetic chemicals,t needs to contain the certified organic seal.  In other words, simply listing only organic ingredients, isn’t not indicative that is is certified organic. Most items in the US Food system are grown using pesticides but those are never listed on the labels. Consumers must seek out certified organic foods.

Third-party lab testing

Reputable CBD oil manufacturing companies provide third-party lab testing results to buyers to maintain transparency and gain the customer's trust in their products. These third-party lab testing reports indicate details of ingredients used in the products. The results should show no synthetic additives or pesticides.

Reviews and Reputation

Getting in-depth knowledge about the CBD brand will also ensure you get only high-quality organic CBD oil. Testimonials and reviews from previous consumers will provide you with detailed insight into the authenticity of organic CBD claims made by the company. Positive reviews will be an indication of high-quality organic CBD oil.

Types of Organic CBD Oils Are Available At Pure Mystics

Pure Mystics, a reputable name in the CBD industry, offers you a range of certified organic CBD oils that will take your CBD experience to the next level. Pure Mystics is one step ahead by creating flavored and organic CBD oils. For instance,

  • Organic CBD Oil Orange- It is a clean and vegan formula with an organic MCT oil base. It is infused with organic orange essential oil. Moreover, it features organic broad-spectrum hemp extract with 0.0% THC.
  • Organic CBD Oil Mint: It is made of the purest ingredients, offering you a refreshing mint flavor. Most importantly, it is a USDA Certified Organic formulation, maintaining the integrity of organic certification.
  • Organic CBD Oil Lemon: it comprises pure, organically grown ingredients. It is helpful in stress relief with a calming lemon flavor. The formula includes organic lemon essential oil and organic MCT oil.
  • Organic CBD Oil Natural: It is USDA-certified organic phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil with no essential oils added for flavoring.

Wrapping Up

Our CBD oils are not only sourced from organic hemp,align with government standards, and rigorously testing by 3rd party testing agencies which signifies our commitment to quality. Choosing organic CBD oils from our exclusive selection ensures you get the most out of your CBD oils, accomplishing your purpose.